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Keyword Lists

Target the keywords below for effective results. You will need to reorder some of these keywords. For example, someone is more likely to search for the term "parrot aviary" than they are for the terms "aviary parrot". You can find more keywords using this tool here.

Building keywords list

aviary back yard
aviary backyard
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aviary build in side/in sides
aviary build indoor/indoors
aviary build inside/insides
aviary build out door/out doors
aviary build out side/out sides
aviary build outdoor/outdoors
aviary build outside/outsides
aviary build parrot/parrots
aviary build pigeon/pigeons
aviary build plan/plans
aviary build your own
aviary build
aviary building plan/plans
aviary building
aviary built
aviary cages
aviary construct/constructing
aviary construction bird/birds
aviary construction finch/finches
aviary construction in door/in doors
aviary construction in side/in sides
aviary construction indoor/indoors
aviary construction inside/insides
aviary construction out door/out door
aviary construction out side/out sides
aviary construction outdoor/outdoors
aviary construction outside/outsides
aviary construction plan/plans
aviary construction
aviary create/creating
aviary custom build
aviary custom built
aviary custom made
aviary custom
aviary customize
aviary customized
aviary customizing
aviary designed
aviary designing
aviary designs bird/birds
aviary designs budgie/budgies
aviary designs finch/finches
aviary designs indoor/indoors
aviary designs macaw/macaws
aviary designs outdoor/outdoors
aviary designs parrot/parrots
aviary designs plan/plans
aviary designs
aviary diy bird/birds
aviary diy plan/plans
aviary diy
aviary garden
aviary homemade
aviary homes
aviary houses
aviary housing
aviary indoors bird/birds
aviary indoors finch/finches
aviary indoors parrot/parrots
aviary indoors
aviary inside
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aviary kits finch/finches
aviary kits parrot/parrots
aviary kits
aviary make/making
aviary outdoors bird/birds
aviary outdoors finch/finches
aviary outdoors large
aviary outdoors normal
aviary outdoors parrot/parrots
aviary outdoors
aviary outside
aviary planned
aviary planning
aviary plans bird/birds
aviary plans building/buildings
aviary plans home/home made
aviary plans in door/in doors
aviary plans indoor/indoors
aviary plans inside/insides
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aviary plans out side/out sides
aviary plans outdoor/outdoors
aviary plans outside/outsides
aviary plans
aviary walk/walk in bird/birds
aviary walk/walk in finch/finches
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aviary walk/walk in

Species keyword list

aviary african greys/african grays
aviary budgerigars
aviary budgies
aviary canary/canaries
aviary cockatiels
aviary cockatoos
aviary doves
aviary finches
aviary gouldians
aviary lories
aviary lorikeets
aviary lovebirds/love birds
aviary macaws
aviary parakeets
aviary parrots
aviary pheasants
aviary pigeons
aviary quails

Paid Advertising Methods

Some of the following sources are recommended to send paid traffic to your own website:

Free Promotion Methods

These are places that are good for promoting to for free:

  1. Change the signature of your email to include your affiliate link
  2. Facebook news feed/Facebook page
  3. YouTube video posts, reviews and comments
  4. Twitter
  5. Comment sections of blogs
  6. Pinterest
  7. Instagram
  8. Forums
  9. Blogs and journals

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